Our Company

The company starts in 1961 thanks to the innovating idea of Francesco Macrì, our founder.

Paola, toghether with her son  Alessandro, have followed the path of their “Master” and most of all the teaching of a “Great man” like Francesco.

Today, the collections brought to you by Macrì Taglie Forti Grandi ed Extralunghe will give an extra-value to your elegance, thanks to the great choice of fine, selected textiles, whice in the years have made history of Italian Fashion, symbol of exclusivity all over the world.

Obviously, large sizes for outfits, coats, trousers, knitwear, shirts, belts, underwear and accessories.

Highly qualified persons, specialised in extra large sizes selling, will be able to suggest you the best during your shopping, valorising your style.

At Macri taglie grandi forti extralunghe you will not only find classic outfit or coats, also every-day wearings, leisure suits and much more, thanks to an entire floor dedicated to casual wearing.

The “made in italy”, fine textiles toghether with a great price/quality ratio and our courtesy, have been the winning formula of the macri taglie grandi forti extralunghe.